November 3

Response to mask article

My opinion on mask-wearing is in the middle. The reason is that they are uncomfortable and make you kinda unable to breathe but I don’t want covid and neither do you so we have to wear them. My experience of wearing a mask at school annoys me all the time but I know I need to wear them again because of covid. It annoys me because again it is way too uncomfortable and honestly kind of itchy. I agree with Dr Kiltzman when he said masks were “hot and uncomfortable”. I disagree with Dr Kiltzman when he said “and debated whether to take it off and reluctantly did so” because he should not have been influenced by people. 

Overall I disagree with the article because he took off his mask at a party with probably hundreds of people.


click here for article

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3 thoughts on “Response to mask article

  1. jbennett31

    Hi Copy Ninja 8,

    I wished I had read this article. It sounds like Dr. Kiltzman took a risk by taking off his mask at a party. We need to keep everyone safe by wearing masks to prevent the spread of Covid. Are you used to wearing your mask at school? All my students have done a great job of wearing their masks.
    Keep staying safe and wear your mask!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. copyninja8 (Post author)


      I am starting to get used to wearing a mask at school and if you want to read the article then click the link at the bottom.

  2. Jon Mitzmacher

    Great post (and great name) Copy Ninja 8!

    I know that you know and understand why our school and society has the masking policies that we do – to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as we can. At OJCS we TRY our best to give some windows of outdoor time when masks can come off because we know that it can be hard.

    Have you found a type of mask that is at least easier? I have tried like 5 different kinds before landing on the (disposable) surgical masks because they are a bit lighter and are the best for not fogging up my glasses.

    Keep up on posting!



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