November 3

Response to mask article

My opinion on mask-wearing is in the middle. The reason is that they are uncomfortable and make you kinda unable to breathe but I don’t want covid and neither do you so we have to wear them. My experience of wearing a mask at school annoys me all the time but I know I need to wear them again because of covid. It annoys me because again it is way too uncomfortable and honestly kind of itchy. I agree with Dr Kiltzman when he said masks were “hot and uncomfortable”. I disagree with Dr Kiltzman when he said “and debated whether to take it off and reluctantly did so” because he should not have been influenced by people. 

Overall I disagree with the article because he took off his mask at a party with probably hundreds of people.


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November 3

Science blog reflection

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you some facts I learned about the circulatory system

  1. Arteries are blood vessels with oxygenated blood and veins are blood vessels with carbon dioxide
  2. Capillaries attach Arteries and veins together.


Now I will tell you about my experiment.


In the experiment, me and my friend were making an anime-themed obstacle course to see how much faster your heart beats when you relax and when you exercise. I will update you once we have completed the course!

I feel like I am enjoying science this year. It’s cool to learn about the human body and I feel like I learned a lot.