November 3

Science blog reflection

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you some facts I learned about the circulatory system

  1. Arteries are blood vessels with oxygenated blood and veins are blood vessels with carbon dioxide
  2. Capillaries attach Arteries and veins together.


Now I will tell you about my experiment.


In the experiment, me and my friend were making an anime-themed obstacle course to see how much faster your heart beats when you relax and when you exercise. I will update you once we have completed the course!

I feel like I am enjoying science this year. It’s cool to learn about the human body and I feel like I learned a lot.


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1 thoughts on “Science blog reflection

  1. jbennett31

    Hi Copy Ninja 8,

    It sounds like you like learning about the body. I am very curious about your experiment and what you will find out about heart rates. Is the heart your favourite part of the body to learn about?

    I hope you keep having fun in Science this year!
    Mrs. Bennett


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