June 14

Public Speaking

Do you like to play video games? Would you like to learn more about video games, especially Roblox? Hello Mrs.Bennett and fellow classmates.  Today I will be talking to you about the game,  Roblox. 


First, when you join Roblox there will be millions of games you can choose from. If you want a game about pizza you type the word ‘pizza’ into the game search and you will find a lot of pizza games. Here are some other popular games which I am going to describe to you. The first one is called Murder Mystery 2. In this game there are 3 roles. One of the roles is called the murderer who has a knife and is trying to kill everyone. Another role is the sheriff who has a gun and is trying to shoot the murderer. The most boring role is the innocent who tries to survive, collect coins and if the sheriff is dead pick up the gun and become the hero.  To be the hero you need to pick up the sheriff’s gun when the sheriff is dead. The hero is basically the second sheriff. In the round you can collect coins to get a new knife or a new gun. The game ends when the time runs out, or the murderer kills everyone, or the sheriff shoots the murderer. 


The next game I want to talk about is called Elemental battlegrounds. In this game at the start there are 3 elements: grass, water and fire. You can choose one element for free at the beginning of the game.  You can use your element to fight other players to get shards and gems. Shards give you moves for your element, and gems give you new elements. The best elements you can get are from combining other elements, for example: I used wind and water to make ice.   


The last and my favourite game is Anime fighting simulator. When you first join this game there is a red arrow pointing to a guy named Bang. Tap Bang to get a quest. After every quest you do you will get a power. The way to see what quest you have is simple. At the left side of your screen you will see a picture of a person (that is your profile) above a shopping cart. Tap that to see your stats, powers, quest, sword and specials. Specials are special anime powers.


Ok now that you have heard of some games, let me tell you why I enjoy playing them. The first reason is because you can play with other players. The second reason is because I want to be good at the game to help other players. The third and last reason is because if I’m playing something and get bored of it I can easily switch into a different game that I might be more interested in. If you’re interested in learning more about games, then I can and will help you. THANKS FOR LISTENING

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