May 27

Just desert

 Clouds blocked the sunshine on the day a girl named Karen Smith went to the supermarket on Potatoes street and bought some bread. On the way back she saw a filthy alley with a strange old man. The strange old man offered her a bag for her bread and persuaded her by saying, “If you cut the thing in the bag it will turn into something delicious that will stay forever but don’t open the bag until tomorrow or nothing will be in it”. Karen accepted the trade. The minute Karen left the strange old man whispered, “ But there is a twist the thing in the bag does not like being cut he will start to glow.” Karen then left the alley before he said the warning.


As she walked away she thought, she thought to herself “what kind of food is it and what is in the bag? “


Approaching her house, Karen couldn’t shake the feeling from the old man.  She went to the kitchen, took the bag, opened it and found a pumpkin, got a plate, and took a knife. She sat up the table, put the pumpkin on a cutting board. She was about to cut but then… IT STARTED GOING BRIGHT! SHE KEPT MOVING THE KNIFE CLOSER AND CLOSER BUT THE FURTHER THE KNIFE WENT THE MORE 



Karen slowly backed away from the pumpkin surprised “the strange old man never said anything about it glowing” said Karen. She tried again. This time THE KNIFE BROKE! Karen did not understand what was going on…

 She rushed back into the filthy alley and she asked the old man “ Why did my knife break while I was trying to cut it and why did it randomly start to glow?”

The old man answered, “To cut it you need to use a Walmart 100$ knife after all it is saving some money compared to what happens when you cut the pumpkin.”

Karen then rushed to Walmart. She went to the utensils section and found the knife, but there was somebody else running towards it! KAREN RAN THE FASTEST SHE COULD BUT THE OTHER PERSON WAS GOING JUST AS FAST but in the end, Karen got the knife. She went so fast all you could see was a blur while she was running to her house. She ran to the kitchen and took the knife but when she cut the pumpkin and…


… NOTHING HAPPENED??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?


She went back to the Alleyway and asked the strange man, “When I cut the pumpkin nothing happened! What’s going on?”

“What do you mean? The man said, “I was talking to my cousin but he was behind you”.

“Oh” said Karen.

Karen asked the man, “Who was that the other person who was trying to get the knife?”

“Yes”, said the man.


May 14

Hoot imagery

I slowly walked along the snowy streets. The traffic lights blinked like they had sand in their eyes. I felt freezing cold and I thought for sure I would get frostbite. It was so cold, I almost mistook squirrels for penguins! I saw lots of lamp posts and cars going zooooooooom. There was a tiny raccoon poking its head from the alleyway. The smell of garbage in the alleyway was as stinky as bull poop!

March 22

Solar energy

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog about Renewable energy source Solar.

  First, let me share what I have discovered about the renewable energy source Solar. The project I and blue lightning have worked on is how solar panels work. The problem we are trying to solve is how to make parks without power have renewable sources of energy such as solar. We are adding energy to our park because without solar energy the world would be ruined. In our project, we will be using scratch because we can’t build a real park.

How solar energy works? 

First, there are electrons in the sun that we can’t use for everyday stuff so the solar panel converts the electricity into electrons we can use and it also has a thing called a solar battery that stores energy from the daytime and keeps it for the night and storms. What we made on scratch was I made a solar-powered roller coaster and blue lightning made a solar-powered roller coaster. here is a link to mine -> here

and here is blue lightning’s -> here

Here is the video we used -> here

March 11

Plastic Pollution

Hello, My name is copyninja8 today I am talking about my project in class about plastic pollution what my class was doing was that we chose a subject: Plastic pollution, Oil spills, melting ice caps, and deforestation. I chose Plastic pollution. The reason I chose plastic pollution was that I knew about it for longer but there was a lot of stuff I did not know, for example, plastic takes 400 years to disappear. Ok back to my project but first click here for my video ->Here .

My audience will be grade 1, that’s why I made it a video. The thing I did not add was animals are being harmed (for the grade 1 audience).  And my language/vocabulary was appropriate for grade 1.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.


December 11

Science Arm post


Not too long ago my class were learning about the muscle and bones in the arm.


My hypothesis was that it would work because there is a guide telling how to make it and if there is a guide i think they would have tested it so I have confidence.

What I learned was that the Radius is connected to the Bicep the Ulna is connected to the Tricep and the Humerus is connected to both the Tricep and the Bicep.


The materials I used where: cardboard, scissors, tape, paperclip, elastic band and balloons.


The steps I used where here.



The arm worked! The Ulna and the radius (aka the two smaller tubes) and the humerus were able to move the bicep and tricep (the balloons).

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